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The mind is an incredibly vast place. It is an entire world that we create inside of ourselves. Imagine a kingdom of broad borders and almost infinite structures. There are castles and fortresses, hidden places, paths of thought, echoes of past conquests and failures. There are strongholds and armies that patrol and protect us and […]

Redemption’s Story

There are several hard lessons to be learned in all of this.  One is that a man who is not a whole man in Christ will never truly find the type of success that will satisfy his heart.  The second is that we are not who we are supposed to be without Christ in our […]


When I was a child, there was a place we used to go in eastern Alabama kind of in the foothills.  We would shout and listen to the echo come back off the opposite hill.  I can remember being a 4 year old kid just loving to hear this amazing sound wave phenomenon.  The sound […]

At Worry’s End

One of the things I have come to realize is that worry is not something that will just go away.  As soon as you work through one item on your list of problems, there is always another one to take its place.  It’s like a perpetual machine that keeps your mind racing to find a […]

Joy Unspeakable

(This is the last in my entries from the book I am currently working on.  In no way do I think that I am done with this journey.  The following is just where I want to leave it for now.) Since the beginning I have been looking for the time when I could tell you […]


There are only so many plays in a football coach’s play book.  There are only so many ways you can adjust a baseball team, and only so many pitches that can be thrown.  The devil knows a whole bunch of plays himself.  He throws them constantly at you trying to distract you from what is […]

…It’s the Waiting

Long lines tend to be the bane of my existence.  I do not like to wait for anything.  I don’t like to wait at the bank, the doctor’s office, at amusement parks, or at restaurants.  I don’t like to wait for paint to dry either.  I do not like waiting.  It makes me miserable to […]