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The mind is an incredibly vast place. It is an entire world that we create inside of ourselves. Imagine a kingdom of broad borders and almost infinite structures. There are castles and fortresses, hidden places, paths of thought, echoes of past conquests and failures. There are strongholds and armies that patrol and protect us and who we are as well as what we value and love. There are graveyards and tombs to honor and memorialize what once was. It is a place akin to the world’s that Tolkien and Lewis imagined in their fantasy literature. The kingdom of the mind is an ever changing place, yet at the same time it remains the same. It is ours alone to form and command, and rule. Yet help is always offered through Christ.

The kingdom of the mind is tied directly to the kingdom of our hearts. The borders overlap, many times they struggle for who rules, yet it is the healthy person whose heart and mind can work towards the same good end. It is a difficult thing for many times the heart wants things that the mind cannot understand, and the other way around. The mind is concerned with what is rational, what makes sense in light of the situations of life. The heart is full of passion, it feels grief, it feels pain, and it feels love, and even hate. It is the opposite of the mind. Yet they exist in the same reality and must work together.

Therefore it is perfectly understandable that some frontiers of either kingdom must be abandoned, they must be left with shallow defenses in order to maintain a peace within, and even to move forward in conquest. Only through God’s help can one truly find balance.


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