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where love lasts forever

Most of us can say we know what it feels like to be loved. For some of us that image conjures up heartbreak, or a little resentment, or even a feeling of abandonment. Maybe it brings up a feeling of grief for that which is gone. Some of us can say we even feel all of those things rolled into one ball. But I want you to leave all of those feelings right now and focus on the actual feeling of love. Not romantic love, but that feeling that no matter what you are cared for and looked after. That feeling that you are completely accepted. That place of joy, and hope, and just utter happiness.
Love is such a wonderful thing. It is something that songs and movies and books have been written about in abundance. Human beings desire love. Its like a built in seek button. We seek after love all the time. We may have different ways of doing it, but there is a hole inside that we are trying to fill in one way or another with what we percieve as love.
Some people seek to fill the void with sex and bad relationships. Some seek to fill the hole with objects and fame. Still others fill the hole in their lives with family seeking for approval and comfort in ways that are not healthy. Fact is, love is just something we cannot live without. Science cannot explain why people feel love. There have been many attempts to quantify love with chemical studies, but in the end it is mystery. No one can really understand why they love, or why they feel love.
I’m sure you have gathered by now, I have a theory. My theory is this. Love within human beings is a reflection of the incredible power of their creator. When we are created we feel God’s power, His love and His wonderful presence. For more on that see my theory on why babies cry. But as we grow up we begin to see and feel and perceive that feeling that once held us in its arms. We feel it from family, friends, and even spouses over time. Before we realize it we seek to be loved. We seek to feel the same feelings we had in creation in whatever way we can.
We have been given an amazing opportunity as people of God. We have been given a way back to that love. God’s presence is a place where love never ends. Through Christ we are offered the ability to be back in His presence. What a wonderful thought, to be in a place where love never ends, where it goes on and on and lasts forever. May we all find that place.

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