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The Long Road Back

It is humbling to suddenly realize that you, a sinner, saved by grace will stand before others and share God’s word. Especially considering…well, I had to surrender my job, ran from God for 6 months, got divorced, and generally just lived away from God as hard as I could. The hard part for me to grasp is that I just could have easily taken a step back and continued to follow Christ. Sometimes I suppose it takes the long road to get home. Not because we want to, but because we just won’t learn anything if we go right back to things.
I spent several years being confused and trying to do things my own way. I had to be broken, like an animal is broken. You don’t just suddenly ride a wild horse. Our spirits are wild. We have become fooled by our own way of doing things. It takes a while for us to see that when we fall, we fall hard. We need God to rebuild us. Reconstruction takes time. And in the process you meet humility, gratitude, and peace.
The great thing about God’s grace is that it is so infinite and wonderful that it literally covers up that which would hinder us. The trick is that we have to let it. Going by the long road means that yes, things will be difficult, but it are still much easier with God. You will come upon traps and pitfalls but if you follow God He fights those fights for you and overcomes the traps. You cannot run ahead, and you cannot push Him, you must follow and trust. That is what a life of faith is. It is a trust in a much bigger thing than yourself as your guide, your provision, and your blessing.

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