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Keep Moving

One of the most fascinating things that I have experienced in all of my dealings in the past six months has been the fact that life keeps moving despite whatever has you in its grip. It could be that you feel as if everything is standing still and that a little black rain cloud has parked directly over you, and I can completely understand that feeling. In fact what is actually happening is that the storm has not stalled out, it is indeed moving continually on over you. Depending on the size of the storm, it may take a while to pass.
Fact is things keep moving. Slow motion is merely a perception in your life. Things move at a continual speed toward the end that God has willed for your life. Many times this leads us to the question, how long? Its a perfectly understandable question. No one likes to experience suffering, or hardship, or heartbreak.
The question of how long is many times a question based on focus on the wrong thing. Things happen and they can be very difficult to deal with, and it seems like they drag on and on without any change giving way. Being someone who has experienced this first hand, I too have been guilty of asking how long. However what I realized was that the problem was poor focus. I got caught up looking at the storm and everything that was falling apart and I failed to see Jesus.
The disciples had an eerily similar experience metaphorically speaking. They were out in a boat sailing from one place to another and a terrible storm caught them. They panicked. They freaked out. They woke Jesus up. That last one gets me, they woke Jesus up, Jesus was sleeping in the midst of an awful storm. They actually had to wake Him up. And upon waking He rebuked the winds and the waves, and then taught the disciples about faith and focus.
So the question maybe we should be asking ourselves is not how long, but who with? Its not how long the storm is, but who we are going through it with.

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Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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