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Ugly Cake

Now when I say I wanted something chocolate you have to understand, there are times in my life when I catch a craving, and nothing will stop me.  I become a bear looking for berries and will maul anyone in my way.  Last night, I wanted chocolate.  I didn’t just want chocolate; I had to […]

Chain Reaction

How interesting it is that we look at the date of this day and so many of those in mainstream will say, “Hey man its 4/20 lets blaze one up”. Actually I suppose the word isn’t so much interesting as it is just sad, because people from the tail end of generation X, like me, […]

Kingdom of Comfort, Part 2

It is from my green, mixed fabric, plush, and comfy throne that I tend to my own personal kingdom.  It is my kingdom of comfort, and in my kingdom I know all and rule all.  I have control of my kingdom and I have complete knowledge of what takes place.  Like me, you have your […]

Kingdom Of Comfort Part 1

She’s plush, warm, soft and comfy.  Though she’s not as quiet as she used to be or as soft as she once was, she’s still mine; my favorite spot in the world.  I cannot count how many miles I have rocked in my chair.  The springs have worn down to fit the way I sit […]

Genetically Ambitious

Ever have that feeling that you’re just missing something in your life? Oh of course you do. Everyone at some point in their life has that exact feeling, that exact problem, and that nagging itch in the pit of their stomach that things are simply incomplete. In fact we wouldn’t have most of the cool […]

Lies…Deception (soapbox#112)

FYC Check out Switchfoot’s,”Selling the News”  great song. I love the movie “Galaxy Quest”. If you haven’t seen it you need to rent it tonight. It’s a fictional story about television actors who become drawn into a real space adventure based on the show they were all stars of years ago. It’s loosely (actually quite […]

Looking Through the Jesus Lense

Was looking through some older writings and found this one.  I thought someone might enjoy it.  I edited it somewhat, but not much.  Let me know what you think. Through the Jesus Lens   He is described as one of the greatest kings of Israel.  His wisdom is quoted in many books and countries.  Archaeologists […]