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Lies…Deception (soapbox#112)


FYC Check out Switchfoot’s,”Selling the News”  great song.

I love the movie “Galaxy Quest”. If you haven’t seen it you need to rent it tonight. It’s a fictional story about television actors who become drawn into a real space adventure based on the show they were all stars of years ago. It’s loosely (actually quite tightly) based on the actors of Star Trek and their perceived attitudes about their own show and fans. I don’t want to spoil the fun of you watching it yourself though so I will just skip the running commentary for now.

In the film the characters encounter a race of innocent minded aliens who literally have no idea about anything other than the laws of physics and some seriously advanced technology. What they lack in their innocence is the idea of farce. They have no concept that someone could be telling an untruth, or be pretending to be something they are not. It bewilders them completely to learn, at a costly price mind you, that someone would purposefully and maliciously attempt to deceive someone else for their own gain. In our society however we are completely aware of such things. In fact we have some wonderful TV dramas that paint these intriguing pictures of people using people and telling lies to one another. If you need a strong dose of such things try George RR Martin’s, Game of Thrones series. Fact is we know the game quiet well.

If we know the game so well, if we play it in our own lives. Then why do we allow ourselves to be sucked into the media’s gauntlet of terrible reporting. Where is the journalistic integrity? Where are the safe guards? Fiction is supposed to be the world of misleading writing. Journalism is our safe haven of truth and fact. We have entire networks dedicated to news and bringing us the daily details of our world. And yet all we seem to get from main stream media is conjecture. We get opinion. We get network agenda. We get political maneuvering. We get economical control. It all seems to boil down to what the executives at the top of the food chain want to promote.

When I was in high school I loved to watch professional wrestling. I loved the story lines and all of the high flying fake fighting. It fascinated me, but at the same time, I knew that it was not real. It was a way of telling a story. Whoever the heads of the promotion thought were the most popular, those were the guys who won. It seems that we have that now in journalism. Whatever is the most popular or the current trend in the minds of Hollywood that is what is reported. And make no mistake, they will not tell you the actual truth about the issue they will give you their own take on the truth.

So what are we, the humble ignorant masses who must be led by those greater and more educated than us (can you taste my sarcasm) left to do? I think for one we must demand more of our media. That means at some point we have to stop reading their papers, watching their reports, and supporting their agendas. This country will never be able to move forward and get back to being the greatest nation until we demand more from the people we depend on for information. At some point we have to contact their editors and say no, I’m sorry we didn’t ask for your editorial, we asked for the story and the facts. That’s why we have blogs, you can scream at the top of your lungs on the World Wide Web. In the news however we need real honest correctly done journalism. The kind we can respect and depend on. Put the talking heads on another channel and call it our network’s opinion of whatever is going on at the time.

And for goodness sakes stop telling me what the Kardashian’s are doing. They are not headlines and I just simply don’t care!


One comment on “Lies…Deception (soapbox#112)

  1. I’m guessing I know where this post came from…well done, sir.

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