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Chain Reaction

How interesting it is that we look at the date of this day and so many of those in mainstream will say, “Hey man its 4/20 lets blaze one up”. Actually I suppose the word isn’t so much interesting as it is just sad, because people from the tail end of generation X, like me, recall very clearly a tragic event that occurred on April 20, 1999.

In the morning in Littleton, Colorado, two very disturbed young men entered their high school and left a trail of death and destruction that completely changed the face of this nation’s school system. In the wake of their destruction was a seventeen year old girl who lived her life in a much different way than any other teenager we would know even today. Rachel Joy Scott was murdered on the lawn of her high school next to one of her friends; she was the first of many to be killed that day. What was unknown at the time of the shooting is just how powerful her death would be. You see Rachel had a vision of what her world could be if everyone took the chance to make a difference in the life of someone else. She wrote down her vision in an essay for one of her classes. She kept a journal about her vision. More than that, she actually had lived her vision.

I must admit that before this fall I was unaware of her. It was until I was introduced to her uncle at an event called Rachel’s challenge that I actually came to know this young person who had made the decision to take her philosophy and spread it in the way it should be spread, one person at a time. I won’t fill this blog with facts about this program; I will however encourage you to check it out for yourself. Don’t just give it a casual glance. Even if you consider Christianity a bunch of religious hokum, the principles that she presents make sense and indeed contribute to a better world without faith having a part in it. Kindness is a universal concept that carries immeasurable weight.

The fact is this world needs more kindness. Every day we see more and more acts of violence, theft, rape, and just plain evil happening our world. So perhaps we should change our focus on this day. Instead of taking a moment to recognize an opportunity to join the “stoner society”, we should show someone else a random act of kindness. How much different would our world be if we reached out to someone else and showed them something good in this world. After all, we all live in this world together, and it gets smaller by the day. Would you rather live in a world where negative emotion rules the day, or a place where kindness and goodness dominate the day?

Rachel’s challenge presents us with an opportunity to literally change the world and make it a better place, and it doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, you can do what she is talking about. But Brian, you’re not telling us what she says we should do! No I’m not, you need to check it out for yourself, www.rachelschallenge.org (or click on the picture above) . Read through the site, see what the challenge is, then make a decision to do something.

So many of us will miss this opportunity, but the beauty of this child’s ideas lies in the fact it just takes one person to start a chain reaction and make this world a much better place for all of us. Many people’s live were chained on April 20, 1999. Who would have known that from such a horrific event there would come a message of hope and kindness that has reached across this country, all because one 17 year old girl dared to dream, and was bold enough to write it down.


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