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Ugly Cake

Now when I say I wanted something chocolate you have to understand, there are times in my life when I catch a craving, and nothing will stop me.  I become a bear looking for berries and will maul anyone in my way.  Last night, I wanted chocolate.  I didn’t just want chocolate; I had to have chocolate.  I swear when I think about it, I wonder where such a terrible craving came  from,  but it’s impossible to know.  The other problem I generally deal with when I come to one of the undeniable rabid cravings is that I have in mind only one way of reaching my goal.  Last night, that way was to bake some form of chocolate cake, without going to the store.  That latest part is important.

I went to the kitchen and examined my cupboard.  Now try to understand, I live alone; I’m a bit lazy when it comes to inventory.  I also don’t go to the store much… at all.  So when I went to the kitchen and looked in my larder, I noticed a major flaw in this plan.  I had cake mix, but no icing.  The idea of chocolate was a great one; the idea of chocolate cake with no icing was repulsive.  However, in my memory, I could see what I knew to be a dump cake.  Dump cake was easy, tasty, and what my craving became focused upon greatly.  There was just one problem with that, I was desperately lacking cherries.  Chocolate dump cake is incomplete without cherries.  Nevertheless, cherries were not what I was after; I wanted chocolaty goodness!  So I made a couple of phone calls to some far more accomplished chefs and verified that as long as I had some kind of fruit, I would be okay in my quest.  Thus, 350 degrees and one hour later, I had what must be the ugliest cake ever baked by mankind.

Seriously, if you looked at this cake, you would not be hungry anymore.  The chocolate, sugar and butter all combined to create this volcanic landscape rimmed in Pyrex that would fit great in a science-fiction story. It was repulsive.  Even so, the smell was something straight from heaven.  My small house was awash in the scent of the cocoa bean’s confectionery glory.  After another hour of cooling I grabbed a fork and braved the surface of the maria like crust(yes you read that correctly, I grabbed a fork, not a plate and a fork).  The taste was exactly what my mouth had desired.  It was more than I could have hoped.

This is a picture of the "ugly cake"

That caused me to think, as a food coma usually does.  I began to wonder, what if I had simply looked at this cake and said, well that one failed, and then threw it out?  What if I had just cast it aside because of what it appeared to be?  Moreover, how many times have I passed on something because of the way that it appeared?  Questions, always cause other questions in my head, it’s a conveyor belt of query in my head.

As human beings we are a visual species.  I’m sure that there is a deep-seated  need for this in the back of our heads.  We are, after all, made of the same stuff as that of the animals.  Vision provides us mean to determine the danger, to reason how to move through difficult terrain and various other wonderful little tasks that we have to do.  My personal favorite is that vision provides me the means to watch college football, but I digress.  Vision can lie to us(as the amount of times I argue with officiating calls will tell you).

Some of us are color blind; some of us purely refuse to see the world as others do, and still others see things that are utterly nonexistent.  This is where we derive the saying, different points of view.  Vision is relative to perspective.  My perspective is that there is worth in everything, and in everyone.  Even those who make mistakes are still capable of great things.  If you know me, or have read anything I have written before now, you know my perspective comes from one of the Christian faith.  My perspective comes from my experience and where I feel I have been led in my life. I feel that there have been so many numerous opportunities where at first glance I should have been discarded, but instead I was given a chance.

Your perspective, however, may not be anywhere close to mine.  So I pose these questions, does your perspective, one of faith or not, lend you to see the possibilities, or the perceived outcome?  Are you giving the people you encounter in your life the opportunity to be what they are under the surface, or do you pass on them because of the visual appeal?

Had I thrown the cake out I would have missed out on a satisfying dessert.  If we give people the chance to show us what they are beyond the surface, we could be pleasantly surprised.  Giving people chances beyond first glance is some wonderful food for thought (couldn’t resist).


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