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Roll With It

{This is a preview of one of the chapters of a book I will be releasing in August.  It was written a while ago, but I have done some editing to update it.  Hope you enjoy.} There is something to be said for efficiency.  Unfortunately you cannot say it about me.  I am not efficient.  […]

Dream Clutter

That moment when you wake up from a dream and your brain grabs what is left over from your subconscious thoughts.  Those are the moments that wake you up suddenly as a writer.  Because it’s in those moments that you know, you have really been given a great idea.  Great ideas for stories have never […]

Time Difference(For the Moms)

It’s that time of year when the days grow much longer than what the winter allows.  Daylight gives the grass more of its glory and the plants in this region of the south explode in an overwhelming sea of green.  Gone are the mornings when I left my house in the dark and returned as […]

Sci-Fi Wishes and Space Cadet Dreams

I am a nerd from the word go.  I have been a nerd for quite some time.  It’s a natural occurrence.  My father loves to read science fiction, watches Star Trek, and loves all the newest gadgets.  That is the house I grew up in, a house filled with Anne Mcaffrey, Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry, […]


It looks like paper.  It has the color, the texture, and the overall ambiance of paper.  It even has the clever looking heat protector around the middle of it.  I even had someone ask me what restaurant I purchased it from.  The cup however is plastic.  According to the label and the heat embossed printing […]

Rising Tide

No this is not about the current BCS National Championship team, the Alabama Crimson Tide (whom by the way, I am a huge fan and have been since before I could walk), this is about what we understand to be poverty and hardship. In the picture (from National Geographic) is a man.  Every night at […]

Recessive Happiness

I have often wondered about people during the Great Depression. Did they realize at the time what they were going through? Did the common Everyman (person) of the time give thought to the historical significance of what was happening to them financially? Or were they more concerned about how they would feed their families, and […]