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Time Difference(For the Moms)

It’s that time of year when the days grow much longer than what the winter allows.  Daylight gives the grass more of its glory and the plants in this region of the south explode in an overwhelming sea of green.  Gone are the mornings when I left my house in the dark and returned as the light was fading into sunset.  The Earth has moved (well it always moves, but you get the idea).  The amazing thing about watching the seasons change, is that whether or not the weather cooperates and maintains its moods, (rather than going bipolar on the Southeast) the sunlight always matches the season.  The grays of winter are replaced by the soft golden rays of spring which beckon the greenery to come out of hiding.  The soft gold is replaced with a burning brightness in summer that bathes the Southeast in a sweltering heat, only to be replaced in the fall by a coppery glow that lights up the sky making it perfect for college football Friday nights.

Mankind has learned how to control the calendar in order to squeeze the most out of the day.  We rigidly ordered our days based around the wall street work day.  We make sure that money drives the world (and obviously that’s worked so well).  And yet for all of our finagling with the calendar, for all our adding in days to the year, hours in the daytime, and times zone division grids across the globe, the world still rotates.  The blue marble still tilts on its axis, it still orbits the sun, still plays its never ending game of ring around the rosy with the moon.  Our control is an illusion.

It is amazing to me what I have been shown in the last 19 months.  Perspective is relative to your position in life.  When you find yourself in a rebuilding phase, your perspective is completely different than when you’re running on all eight cylinders at full clip.  When you find yourself broken down, the things that are truly important become immediately evident, and the luxury of the world is forgotten, and really unmissed.  When I look back over the last 19 months I see so many blessings.  So many times when I was on the edge of just falling to complete and utter doom, yet was held up by a stronger, higher, more benevolent power than I knew possible (I actually called this when I was in the midsts of the worst time of it).  I see how people were used, moved, and placed in order that I not fade.  I see parents who, for all intents and purposes finished raising me long ago, stepped back into their roles and lifted me up.  That brings me to the point.

Mother’s move much like the Earth.  They are not moved by the calendars of capitalistic driven economies.  They are not swayed by the added or subtracted hour in the day.  They are steady.  No matter what goes on in the world they are still a mom.  The amazing thing about motherhood is that it is not driven by biology.  Blood means nothing to a true mother.  True mothers love the same no matter where the biological material of the child actually comes from.  If you doubt me, a simple internet search will turn up plenty of proof for my case.  Motherhood is a much more powerful force than biology.  I have personally witnessed this on several fronts.  Yet we give them one day.  I think it should go further than one Sunday in May.  If Mother’s are made of such steady stuff, they deserve more of a recognition than pretty flowers and brunch.  Would that we could give back a portion of what true mother’s give to us.  So kids, take it beyond last Sunday.  Be good to mom all year round, because she’s good to you all year long whether you deserve it or not.


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