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Dream Clutter

That moment when you wake up from a dream and your brain grabs what is left over from your subconscious thoughts.  Those are the moments that wake you up suddenly as a writer.  Because it’s in those moments that you know, you have really been given a great idea.  Great ideas for stories have never been my problem (at least they are great ideas in my opinion).  The problem I have is what to do with that idea next.  Public opinion of your ideas is a scary thing.  Whenever I pitch to people I try to make sure I pick people whose reaction I know how to gauge.  That might not be the best way to go about it, but it is how I protect my fragile ego (I’m a guy and I bruise easy).    I pitch my ideas to people who I know will tear me down, and to who will pat me on the head and say that’s nice, as if I were a dog who brought them their slippers.  It helps me figure out where to go next.  Some ideas I keep completely close to the chest and just surprise people with when the idea has become a product.  Most of my blogging falls into the category.  I like to surprise people with what I am thinking, that way I have time to run away before they get mad.

This morning was different than most.  I had one of those moments where the dream world crossed into lucidity and it became a story.  Images in my head became characters with back story.  Events shown shown in the ethereal theatre of the mind became plot, story line, character arc, and a world all to themselves.  In essence, the dream has taken on life.  Now the question is what to do next.  Do I begin?  Do I pitch the idea?  Or do I let the dream run through some new exercises I am trying as a writer in order to squeeze out the best I have inside me?  The scary thing is I don’t actually have the answer.  What I have is a head full of characters wanting their still developing story screaming that they want out.  I know I don’t want them to join the worlds of three other sets that sit idle on word document files waiting for writer’s block to clear so that they can be properly presented to reality.

So Brian, why are you telling us this?  Why should we care?  What do you want us to do?

I want your opinion, or your methods of clearing through the clutter when the explosions of ideas hit your head.  You don’t have to be a writer, you could be a project manager, florist, accountant, teacher, anyone.  How do you sort through the mess and organize your thoughts so that the ideas and dreams within don’t get lost somewhere in Microsoft’s jungle of software storage?

Ps.  Feedback on the new design for this blog is also welcome. : )


One comment on “Dream Clutter

  1. My mother who loves computers, hand writes her “story bits ” out, she says it helps the flow of things.

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