Judge Wisely

I tend to read a good bit of the news, and various editorial articles when given the chance. Some of the information is really helpful and quite good. Sometimes however the sites that I read the news on become a stark reminder of just how far we have fallen as a society. It is a blinding example of the hypocrisy we see each day. Not only do we see it, but it seems many times we are expected to accept it as the norm.
This week, as I read a scathing editorial on how we as a society spend far too much time judging people via social media I was reminded of such hypocrisy. The article itself was actually well done and the author made some excellent points about how we needed to be far more uplifting as a society. Yet when I got to the bottom of the page there were pictures of a random red carpet event in Hollywood. The headline below it was a stereotypical one, “(insert random celebrity) fails to wow on red carpet”.
This got me thinking critically about what we accept in our society. Generally I am the first one to condemn actors and actresses on their opinions, simply because they become mouthpieces for more powerful people’s agendas, and many times they are simply ignorant on the topics on which they comment. Still, they are people and as such they should be given some ounce of grace, after all, we are all in this together. When you’ve just finished reading an article on how we should encourage and not be mean to people it is very difficult to look at that kind of headline and want to scream at the author. Especially when they wrote both of the articles.
So what is the real problem? It’s judgement! For some strange reason human being have come into this deluded ideal that we have the right and ability to judge other people. We feel that we have the right to pick someone completely apart based on our own opinion of their worth. Basically, we place ourselves on a higher level than someone else and cast down our lordship upon them. Now Brian, that’s just a bit dramatic to say isn’t it? No, it’s what we do, and we accept it as entertainment. There are entire networks devoted to the judgment of societies elite and not so elite. And we buy into the cultural ideal that one person’s opinion and style should be the accepted standard. I’m sorry but that feels incredibly closed-minded and quite frankly idiotic.
Believe it or not, Jesus actually spoke on this very topic. Matthew 7 gives us a fantastic discourse on judgement. It’s quite a simple answer, don’t judge other people or you will be judged by the same measuring stick you use. These are God’s words not mine. Jesus goes on to say that the problems you face are more than big enough for you to handle before becoming involved in someone else’s. You know the verse, first remove the large piece of wood from your own skull before trying to remove a splinter from someone else’s eye.
So where does that leave me? Well, honestly it leaves me just as guilty as everyone else. I have been known to judge, I have been known to try to lord over people with my strong opinions. I’m human, and I need grace as well. I am not perfect. What I need to be is conscious of the way I look and think about other people. It is important to remember that judges are elected people who weigh facts and truth before passing their rulings on to people. Should I not do likewise before I form an opinion? Isn’t that what my professors were trying to teach me in college, educate yourself before informing someone else? Point is you are allowed to have an opinion, you are allowed to have thoughts. When those thoughts cause you to condemn someone as being ugly, or stupid, or any other derogatory word you want to use that is when there is a problem. There is not one single, solitary, perfect person on this planet. We are all sinners in need of grace. So Christians, understand your job. Your job is to be like Christ. moreover you are called to in fact be Jesus to people. Everyone can easily quote John 3:16. How easily we forget John 3:17. Your hob is not to judge, it is to encourage, lead, and be the light. Let us be about our job as light and salt and stop being dark and salty. God will judge us in the end, so don’t carry around that burden. Who can you encourage today? Who can you lift up? Whose life can you be flavor for? Whose hope can you preserve? Whose darkness can you illuminate?



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