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I hate to stretch.  I do not like to stretch.  It hurts.  It hurts all over when I stretch.  It always has.  Even when I was younger and in far better shape.  Though, I do like power yoga, no idea why.  The pain is not such an unbearable thing.  It is extremely uncomfortable.  Stretching makes […]


There was nothing.  Tears had fallen, pain had been screamed.  Bargains had been offered. Now only grief. The numbness that consumes the empty place where joy once was. Its not the memory that eats at the day.  It is silence. The deafening sound of nothing. It would be fine to think of the loudness of […]

The Joy Thief

One of the inevitable facts of life is that at some point you will find yourself in a position of feeling…well, bleh. I have no other words to sum up just what I mean. Say the word out loud, BLEH. Say it loud. There is meaning in that, the louder you say it the more […]