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graphic by Hillsong, edits by author.

There was nothing.  Tears had fallen, pain had been screamed.  Bargains had been offered.

Now only grief.

The numbness that consumes the empty place where joy once was.

Its not the memory that eats at the day.  It is silence.

The deafening sound of nothing.

It would be fine to think of the loudness of Friday.

Friday was full of noise.




Political maneuvering

More lies

A people turning their face from the truth.

A people screaming for innocent blood.

The sounds of a whip.

Crack-crack-crack-crack-thirty times crack.  Each time the sound changes.  The crisp becomes the wet.

Then more cries for blood, blood and a tree;  a tree, an impromptu crown, and three nails.  Now the hammer rings.




A Savior cries, “It is Accomplished”.  The Earth shakes, barriers fall.

A Mother cries as she holds her son one last time.

A stone is rolled…………Silence………Night………..Dark………………………….Nothing.


It is a nothing…

So that there can be something.

Something greater.

Under the silence there is movement.

Under the silence there is battle…conquest and victory.

We hear nothing.

Eternity hears the voice of a King.

We hear weeping.

Heaven hears the joyous victory over sin.

We hear nothing…because death is nullified.

It cannot whisper to God’s children.  Its sting had been removed.  It has been beaten.

The world is silent, because it is waiting.



…And Finally…Silence is broken.

What are you listening to?


One comment on “Silence

  1. That is completely beautiful!!!

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