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Her Daddy Wears Blue

Her Daddy Wears Blue

There is a little girl I know.  She has the cutest pigtails and smile that you have ever seen.  She doesn’t walk, she skips, she dances, and she moves through life like she is always bathed in sunshine.  It is her-daddy-wears-blueimpossible not to smile when you see her go by with her family.  She is so loved, so protected, so safe, just like every child deserves to be.  Just the way I want my child.  Every child needs to be protected, to be safe, to be loved.  There is no human life ever born that does not deserve such a thing.  Yet, this world is on a descent into something darker, and it scares me.  It is not an election that scares me.  It is not a social movement or a political agenda that scares me.  What scares me is an attitude shift in our culture, a devaluing of human life, a sense that lives are being boiled down to mere color or station.  It is a sickening sense that we are beginning to slowly forget what it means to be human.  The darkness creeps just at the edge of sight where once it was an invisible piece of this world only talked about in hushed whispers and R-rated movies.

The thoughts that come along with this creeping darkness continually go back to the children.  Are we allowing the sunshine in their lives to be snuffed out.  Are the youth of our culture growing up in a shadowy forrest with nothing good being presented to them.  Children are innocent of these problems…used to be innocent of these problems.  No longer.  We have connected everything in our lives to an information system that lacks a filter.  We have allowed attitudes and lifestyles to infiltrate the safety that once was childhood.

In a box, in my home, is a cardboard cutout from my son’s preschool days.  It has the words “What My Daddy Wears” written in permanent marker on a paper neck tie.  On the back are the dictated words of a four year old pontificating on his father’s profession.  For all of his four years he had a pretty clear view in his mind of what that was.  “Takes Pictures” was what he dictated.  It was accurate.  He was confident in that assessment of his father’s employment.  It was a stable point in his mind.  There was no fear associated with it.

The little girl, however; she does not share that same point of view.  In her young mind there is a different place.  Her daddy does not “take pictures”.  He wears blue.  On his belt is a cell phone, like many other fathers.  But also on that belt is a gun, a taser, wrist restraints, a baton, a radio, extra magazines and batteries. His business suit is a chest protector of strengthened Kevlar and various other attachments.  When he leaves for the evenings she knows, in her very young mind she knows, he is going to do something dangerous.

On Monday night in our small community a very troubled young man took it upon himself to break the law and fire upon two officers.  The happy ending is that these men lived and will recover… physically.  But for several hours the community held their collective heartbeats.  As anxious as my home was during the manhunt, I cannot fathom what was going through the home of this little girl.  Her daddy was out there, chasing a man with a gun, running in the dark, all the while wearing blue.  Hours after the man was caught and placed in a cell, her daddy came home.

When I go home to my family, I go home mentally tired but no worse for wear.  When her daddy come homes he is bruised, he is cut, he is sore.  That is of little matter though, because he is home.  That is where daddy’s belong at the end of the day.  They belong home.  We need to do more as a society and a culture to make sure that they make it home.  It is time that every single one of us took stock of our lives and found value.  It is time that we see every human life as valuable, and not with a social media movement, but with real action.

Her daddy wears blue, other daddy’s wear suits, or uniforms of different colors, or regular clothes.  In the end the color of our clothes and our skin is of little matter.  There is no value in the prism of colored light.  Darkness only flees from all the colors together making themselves visible.  Value is in the light itself.  Value is in the life that God breathed into every soul.  The soul has no color, it wears only a raiment of fallen creation.  Inside is where it shines.  It is time we let the light out, and stopped dividing it into so many variations.  We are all God’s creatures, and its time we all shined against this darkness.  It is time every child was able to walk around like they are bathed in sunshine, happy, safe, protected, innocent, and loved.


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