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A Sky So Big

What was it that caused creation? IMG_1652

No not the technical scientific act.  Not the cold mathematical interpretation of the movement of subatomic particles to get together and make something bigger.  Not the mechanism, but the motivation.  What made God, the Creator, decide to create?  Was it a sense of loneliness?  A divine nature that simply cannot be explained?  Boredom?  Perhaps a sense that He wished to see just how vast and wonderful He really was spelled out in a way that His creation could see and enjoy.  I honestly have no clue what it was, I only know that it happened.  Once there was nothing, just God, in the void, in the dark, and then there was…well, everything.  The absolute grandeur of creation abounds the imagination of the soul.

Never failing to surprise, this world shows Him in so many wonderful and unique ways.  In light of the events of this week, maybe that has become difficult for us to see.  We see an act of hate and horror at a concert and a mad scramble of evil trying to take credit for it.  It’s just hate for the sake of hate.  There is no cause for these monster’s they are just angry, angry about being born.  You cannot do much with people like that.  Yet God is still there.  I learned just yesterday that a childhood friend who I explored much of God’s creation with is in his last days of cancer, only one more step left for him, and that is off into something bigger than imagination can handle.  Where is God in that?  Who likes to answer that question with anything that has actual meaning.  We always want to give the typical response of His plan and His will and the unseen movement of those things.  How does that comfort someone?  How does that bring peace into the heart of a child losing a father, a mother losing a son?  Fact is those responses tend to challenge more than affirm.  Sometimes things are just bad and don’t make sense, and that is perfectly okay.

Living in North Georgia you learn pretty quickly that the weather is not going to cooperate with really anything you want to do.  Oh sure we have good weather a lot of the time, I guess that’s really everywhere depending on the season.  Life is so often like a day’s plans changed by the weather.  Maybe you needed it to be sunny, and it rained.  Needed it to be warm, it was cold.  Needed some sun to chase the blues away, instead it is overcast and just as gloomy as yesterday.  Plans changed, and it’s okay.  Not feeling life right now, that’s okay.  It is still going to go on.  It may absolutely suck, but it will continue to go on, until it doesn’t.  That, my friends is creation.  That is life.

It is a wheel of seasons of plenty, of drought, hot, cold, warm, cool, nice, not so nice.  It is a moving never stagnant.  The ostentation of God’s design overwhelms the depths of our soul’s ability to grasp His magnitude.  It is designed down to the slightest particle.  And in all of that creation, the seasons of good and the seasons of bad He is there.  In a sky so big, though we are so small, He is there.  We want to describe control and own a theological understanding of His will and purpose, but we will never know how He truly moves.  Creation itself is an outpouring of love.  A tide of joy that bounded across the whole of design.  What craftsmen has not looked upon his work and felt happiness.

I wish I had the craft of words to truly put into perspective just how much of a mystery this world really is.  But as another author has said, “words are wind”.  Yet there is a magic in how they can bring us closer to understanding.  A wonder at how our brains jump to describe that which we experience.  We feel loss, pain, and a plethora of woe.  We feel joy, laughter in the soul, and contentment.  All words trying to get to the bigger image of what God has done in His creation and in His world.  In the end, those words just fail to give the whole picture.  A thousand words for that picture just cannot capture what it truly is.  Maybe we see it in glimpses.  In a weekend camping in the Big Hole Valley with my friend, joking and laughing in the wilderness, that was a glimpse.  Skiing full speed down the mountain at Lost Trail with that same friend, that was a glimpse.  Knowing that you had someone to trust and depend on, that is a glimpse.  That sky that is just so big, that is a glimpse.

God is in His own details, making all things new throughout life, season, and the whole of creation.  We are loved whether touched or untouched by the glimpses of His world.  In the cold, and in the rain; in the sorrow or the joy, He is there.  Seen, unseen, heard, or unheard. God is indeed there whether we choose to see Him or not.  The only challenge His presence wants to bring to us is the challenge of acceptance.  Can you accept that He is there?


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