We Don’t Talk About It

  It’s a memory I have.  Being in meetings and listening to people express their discontent and their difficulties with life and how things work.  That’s not the memory.  The memory is a conversation in between meetings.  It’s the memory of that phrase that is one of the major problems in churches in the south.  […]

Eating Church

It has been a heck of a summer.  So many things going on, emotional highs, emotional lows,  a metaphorical roller coaster of feelings both physical and mental.  All while a the United States does its best to rend itself to pieces.  The depression caused by the news used to be kind of a joke, but […]

A Sky So Big

What was it that caused creation?  No not the technical scientific act.  Not the cold mathematical interpretation of the movement of subatomic particles to get together and make something bigger.  Not the mechanism, but the motivation.  What made God, the Creator, decide to create?  Was it a sense of loneliness?  A divine nature that simply […]

Sorry…Not Sorry

I saw the innocuous sign as I was walking in the door.  It was placed on the inside of the window in all of its high quality printed glory.  It made me want to puke, in fact I may have thrown up in my mouth just a little.  It was a declaration to me of […]

Breaking The Water

The idea of being a sheep among wolves is a terrifying one.  Imagine standing there in a room full of people, or even animals ready to devour you.  I imagine that Daniel had a very good sense of what it must have felt like.  However his imprisonment in that den of lions was not intentional […]


A couple of years ago there was an insurance commercial that made me laugh so hard I almost had an accident.  Even when I thought about it it made me laugh, it still makes me chuckle.  The whole premise was a camel being excited about Wednesday, “hump day”.  It’s corny but still just…fantastic.  Wednesday is […]

Notes In The Rests

Notes In the rests   I remember being angry.  It is not an anger at one certain thing just anger.  Perhaps it was a build up, or maybe just empty teenage angst.  But I wasn’t even a teenager so that couldn’t have been it.  It was just anger, rage, hostility towards everything and a serious […]