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Hollywood Brain

I own a studio.  It makes blockbusters, comedies, romances, dramas, tragedies, and epics.  We make millions of people happy, and have numerous awards from the academy.  I mean we are worldwide successes.  Unfortunately it is all in my head.  I told you before that I was a very dramatic person.  Most of it I am […]

Third Floor Winds

Softly, then forcefully the gale blows across the balcony.  The rain beats the wood in a delicate rhythm.  The shaking of my body is not from the cold.  It is weakness leaving me.  The breeze kisses my face and I close my eyes and breathe in again.  Facing myself in the mirror was hard.  It […]

Guitars You Can’t Play

I called her Taylor.  I name all of the guitars I own girl’s names.  I have no idea why, it’s just a quirk I have, something about music being my first love.  It was not a top of the line guitar, however it was a very well made one; huge sound coming out of that […]

Rocky Bottom and the Dutchman’s Britches

At the bottom, which by the way is never where you think it is.  It is actually much lower.  And at the bottom, yes there are rocks, and they shatter figurative bones.  They break legs, cut arms, and mangle the spirit.  It is not a happy place at all.  It’s a place where you find […]

Hello world!

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